Manufacturing Excellence

  • 12,000 sq ft state of the art modern factory with 50 full time
  • Experience technical staff over 10 years in the blown film extrusion industry
  • Technical collaboration with Torise Bio Materials China
  • High Speed Film Blowing extruders designed for Compostable materials
  • Able to produce film with a maximum folding width of 1350 mm
  • Ability to produce sheets with maximum width of 2700mm
  • Able to process PP, PE , EVA and Compostable materials
  • Equipped with a High speed 8 Line fully automatic bag making machine with an average output of 1,200,000 bags per day
  • Maximum bag cutting width of 1100 mm
  • In-line Roto Gravure printing capability
  • 6 color Roto Gravure printing capability
  • 6 color Flexo Graphic printing capability